IBK-Innovation is an SME located in Germany with sites in Nürnberg and Hamburg. The company is working in the field or aeronautics for more than 30 years and contributing to multi-national R&T projects for more than 20 years, including partner and coordination activities. IBK has a size of more than 25 engineers plus back-office.

IBK’s main activities include R&T support for the aeronautical industry focusing on the following fields

  • Aerodynamics IBK can perform EULER/ RANS/ URANS analysis of complex situations (high lift for fixed wing A/C) using the TAU-solver and simple aerodynamic analysis in the own lab plus planning and management of complex WT-test campaigns.
  • Structural mechanics IBK has access to standard-tools (NASTRAN/ ADINA/MATLAB) that allow or support fast modeling and pre-/ post processing of complex linear/ nonlinear problems Loads/Aeroelasticity: IBK has a strong group supporting European A/C manufacturer in the field of loads/aerolasticity, using low- as well as high-fidelity methods.
  • Design IBK has all tools available to perform prototype design, to perform stress-calculations/loads calculations and to organize manufacturing/ validation test of prototypes/ demonstrators/dedicated models. IBK is mainly using CATIA V5 for these activities.