Distributed propulsion noise and its mitigation through wind tunnel experiments and numerical simulations

 17 DECEMBER 2021, 9:00-13:30 CET


Engineering Department



The workshop objective is to share the research results matured after 18 months in the framework of H2020 VENUS project. The focus is on the field of noise mitigation for aircraft distributed propeller concepts.

Best approaches for designing, modeling, analyzing and testing are discussed by the project team into an open and friendly environment where participants can interact to enhance technical aspects, to make existing cooperation easier and to pave the way for new long-term collaborations.

In the process, the project team is keen to provide as much information as possible. This is in line with the European Commission’s goal for an open-access research.

The event is organized by Rome3 University and CIRA. It is based on a half-day workshop. Attendance in person is possible by invitation only. Video streaming is available after registration for free remote participation.


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Organizing Committee of VENUS Workshop:

Roberto Camussi,, VENUS Coordinator

Elisa de Paola,, VENUS Dissemination & Communication

Alessandro Di Marco,, VENUS Dissemination & Communication

Daniela Napoli,, VENUS Dissemination & Communication

Antonio Pagano,, VENUS Dissemination & Communication

Caterina Poggi,, VENUS Dissemination & Communication

Marco Terzitta,, VENUS Dissemination & Communication