NHOE S.r.l. is an engineering company formed (from 2009) as a point of convergence of skills and interests related to professionals who are active on national and international scene for decades, they have given birth to a structure characterized by a strong all-round competence in areas of high
scientific and technological content. NHOE was done a “Innovative Start Up Company” (SME: Small Medium Enterprise) as recognized by Italian State; this certification has been obtained because NHOE has strong activities in R&D certified by technical and economical engagement.

NHOE includes specialists of high-tech sectors as Industrial, Power Generation, Nuclear, Space, GIS and Aeronautics. The NHOE day to day activities concern the design of complete complex systems (structural mechanics, electro-mechanics, pneumatics, electronics and software). In particular NHOE supports its customers in developing products (owned by the same customers) at every stage: from the specification (design requirements), to the design, testing, construction and industrialization of the prototypes or small series.

Within this context, NHOE is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 from KIWA ACCREDIA for “Design, development, manufacturing and assistance of electromechanical systems for space and industrial applications”. The working methods of NHOE are complied with the main European standards ISO, UNI, MIL, ESA, NASA, AERQ, NUREG, etc. Over the years, NHOE performed a huge number of important research activities in aerospace, in cooperation with the main actors working in the sector (THALES ALENIA SPACE, AVIO, ELV, NATO-NAMSA, NATO-NCI, SELEX, LEONARDO, NORTHROP GRUMMAN ITALIA, SPACE ENGINEERING, SIRALAB ROBOTICS, OHB ITALIA, CIRA and others, but also the European Space Agency (ESA) and Clean Sky (1 and 2)).